DYFC Academy History

DYFC Academy was founded in 2016. Initially the program was piloted on just one squad of 12 players from Dee Why FC. Based on the success of year one , Ryan Doidge the Academy founder, and Alex Wise the president of Dee Why FC at the time, decided the program would be offered to all of the club's junior players.

Since year 1 the Academy has increased the amount of players it promotes to Representative football year on year. The Academy also boasts qualified coaches to continue to drive the quality of the sessions delivered to the players within the Academy.

The Academy has several programs in which it excels. The Academy 'Team' program is for players who wish to participate in training and game days with a full time qualified coach. The Academy 'Skills' program is for players who wish to have extra training by an academy coach on top of their regular program. The Academy 'Junior' class underpins both of the previous programs and focuses on preparing our youngest players for their transition in to the full Academy. The history of these initiatives has and always will be to offer these programs to players within and outside of the Dee Why FC club. The purpose of which is to ensure the betterment of the game within our local area, to improve the level of football to our local players who hopefully go on to our local representative level, on to state level and even national level. 

The Academy Badge

Club badge.png
club badge early design.png
academy badge_2.png

A transformation from the Dee Why FC badge through early concept ideas to the final DYFC Academy design.

The academy badge still conforms to the original club badge shape to show that the academy is truly a part of the club but has taken a modern approach to the black swan to show the academy's modern take on coach and player development. The background shows solid blue and yellow stripes to acknowledge the club colours and striped kit the year the academy was formed. 

The Academy Kit

       Year 1 (2016/17)                                                  Year 2 (2017/18)                                                          Year 3 (2018/19)                                                   Year 4 (2019/20)

Since year 1 DYFC Academy has changed it's training kit. Whilst sticking with the basic colours and versions of navy and yellow the Academy is free to decide how to differentiate the kit each year. With opportunities for major kit sponsors, one of the most anticipated days in the academy calendar is the arrival of the new kit which is on display at all training sessions, gala days, kanga Cup, Sydney International Cup to mention just a few.