DYFC Academy Core Values


Mission Statement

Our Mission

At DYFC Academy we view ourselves as more than just an academy – we are a community striving to better not only individuals, but the environment they are developing within.

Our mission is not to just to teach players how to behave on the field but also off. We believe that our academy values will not only serve the players well in their football careers but also in life in general.


Our vision is to be renowned within the MWFA for providing the best development opportunities to its stakeholders within a community academy environment through quality coaching and superior training.

We will create pathways from our sub-junior groups (U6/U7) through to our first grade squad and beyond. We want to be at the forefront of professionalism when it comes to culture, standards and expectations.


At DYFC Academy we aim to bring quality training opportunities delivered by qualified individuals through our academy environment within our local community club. We will give players opportunities to experience the professionalism and mentality needed to be involved within ‘academy’ football. We believe in creating better football through hard work, desire, commitment, quality training, and quality coaching for players who love to learn.